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The Good Stuff™

What is The Good Stuff?

The Good Stuff™ is a coffee supplement that will boost the natural benefits of your coffee and reduce the caffeine jitters. It's proprietary powder blend of MCT oil powder, Ceylon Cinnamon, collagen, L-theanine, and Himalayan Pink Salt. A panel of in

What does The Good Stuff™ taste like?

The Good Stuff™ will make your coffee taste great! With the Good Stuff™ Performance, the main flavor will still be coffee, but with a hint of cinnamon with a dash of Himalayan salt to soften the acidity of black coffee. The Good Stuff™ Focus has a gr

Can women use The Good Stuff?

Yes! Everything in The Good Stuff is equally effective for women and men. Just like any supplement, you should check with your physician prior to adding The Good Stuff to your routine, if you have an existing medical condition.

What is the recommended daily allowance of "The Good Stuff"?

The Good Stuff was designed to supplement an active lifestyle, when active our body burns fuel for energy and activates our metabolism. The recommended amount of Good Stuff is one scoop per 8oz of coffee. The synergistic blend of ingredients is desig

How do I know how much to use each time?

A serving of The Good Stuff™ Performance is 6.2g and Focus is 4.4g. Fill the scoop that is in your pouch to level and you will be all set! If you are using the travel packs, one pack is a serving size.

What are the ingredients in The Good Stuff™ Performance?

The ingredients of The Good Stuff are:. Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen, L-Theanine, Himalayan Pink Salt, Medium Chain Triglycerides Creamer (MCT8 and sodium caseinate), Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum verum), Cassia Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum

What is the difference between The Good Stuff and The Good Stuff Focus?

The Good Stuff™ Focus contains all the existing benefits of The Good Stuff™Performance, with an extra ingredient (cocoa) to support focus, memory, learning, energy and mood.

What does The Good Stuff Focus taste like?

The Good Stuff™ Focus will make your coffee taste like a silky smooth mocha. Subtle chocolate and cinnamon combine perfectly with your coffee to activate your mind and taste buds. Try it out!

What if I don't like coffee?

No problem! The Good Stuff is just as delicious in tea, smoothies or on your oats. Get creative or use on of our recipes here!